Dates & Facts

Since its inauguration in 2016, our new logistics area has been providing state-of-the-art standards, ensuring we can always guarantee an individual solution for the entire logistics process regarding B2B and B2C. This allows our customers to concentrate on their core business and leads to low service costs and short lead times. Due to on-schedule and correct processing of all goods, costs can generally be reduced. All processes and cost structures remain 100% transparent for our customers.


  • 1.200 m² commission space for flat-packed goods
  • 3.000 m² of commission and storage space for hanging goods
  • Capacity for approx. 180.000 pieces of hanging goods
  • 3 work levels ensure precise and effective workflows
  • 4 loading and unloading zones, for the fastest possible processing of the incoming and outgoing goods
  • Optimal transport connection
  • Customs department including customs warehouse
  • Own fleet and optimal transport connection
  • Option to extend storage space